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No need to stress about new ways of doing things messing up your workflows and culture. With MagmaChat, they work for you and alongside you.

Our Product

MagmaChat, our flagship offering, is a chat platform powered by generative AI chatbots and semi-autonomous AI agents. Each chatbot is meticulously designed to perform unique and crucial roles within an organization—ranging from the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer to the Director of Engineering and the Chief Legal Officer. Our AI-driven solutions offer unique responses to a wide array of queries and requests, providing a more natural and streamlined communication experience than conventional chatbot solutions.

A remarkable innovation from the technologists and AI enthusiasts at MagmaLabs.

At MagmaChat.AI we're revolutionizing a new way for organizations to communicate and collaborate internally, empowered by generative artificial intelligence. Incorporated in Delaware, we are an arm of Magmalabs, a leading web design and development firm with nearshore operations in México.

Our Philosophy

At MagmaChat.AI we recognize that every organization is unique, with its own set of requirements and challenges. . Guided by this philosophy, we've striven to create a versatile platform, powered by generative artificial intelligence. It's designed to evolve with your organization, offering expert assistance and guidance exactly when and where you need it.

Our Team

We are a passionate and dedicated team committed to developing innovative, high-quality solutions. We foster a culture of innovation and growth, and our primary goal is to ensure an exceptional user experience for all our clients.

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