Dive into the Narrative of Future AI.

Unfolding through MagmaChat's Conversational Bots.

The worry-free way to integrate AI into your company’s daily workflow.

We are here to bring peace of mind to your human talent and uplift your business. MagmaChat is not about replacing people, is about growing companies, startups, or “solopreneurs” skills by working with an AI-powered assistants for all the tasks you need, no matter the scale — without compromising sensitive information.

Personality, memory, and teamwork.

A creative marketing expert, a strategic finances assistant, or a bold sales representative — customize them with their personality and backstory to make every conversation feel like youre having real interactions. Collaborate with them as if they were real team members, sharing knowledge seamlessly. Don’t worry, our virtual assistants remember all conversations so that you have a continuous and personalized experience.

More than just chatbots

MagmaChat is a cost-effective tool to enhance teams by working with a team of expert digital assistants that do so much more than chatting, like ChatGPT. They are designed to supercharge your business growth by significantly reducing workload, time spending, and expenses. Ready to get a smarter, smoother-running business?

Easy integrations

MagmaChat adapts to your unique workflows, interacting with external applications, APIs, or toolchains with minimal effort.

Gain insights. Keep your data secure.

Customize compliance settings and receive summaries and reports with specific keywords from user conversations. Keep your data secure with MagmaChat's AI-driven insights.

Expert Assistance at Your Fingertips.

Conversational AI with custom-fit digital assistants that are always up for a chat, ready to engage in one-on-one conversations, enhance team meetings, proficiently handle tasks, and so much more.

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